Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter 8 - IMPERISHABLE BRAHMAN - Bhagavad Geeta

Smt Jaya Row


Jaya Row, a microbiologist by training, who later jumped on the MBA bandwagon worked eight years at a pharmaceutical company before the questioning began: “I realized I was getting doctors to prescribe medicines that patients didn’t need. I was only helping people who had a lot of money make more money.” Intense soul-searching put her in touch with two deep-rooted interests, Vedanta and a desire to serve humanity. Ever since, Row has been teaching Vedanta, merging both her passions.

She explains the concept of Swadharma, an individual’s area of core interest. “If you deviate and choose a field of activity that is alien to your area of interest, it becomes Paradharma. You may be successful at what you’re doing, but there’ll always be something rankling inside, a feeling of something amiss.”

Your personality blossoms when you identify a cause you want to serve, believes Row: “A goal higher than yourself, one that will satisfy your emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

Smt Jaya Row is the creator of Vedanta Vision and initiator-Managing Trustee of Vedanta Trust. Vedanta Vision is devoted to the support of Vedanta, Indian philosophy – the oldest management school in the world. Vedanta is a science of living that empowers each entity to achieve achievement, pleasure, increase and fulfilment.

Mrs.Jaya Row has exhausted virtually thirty years in the study of Vedanta. She has an initial background in Microbiology and has had a famous career as an executive, which she renounced to apply herself full time to the understanding and re-presentation of Vedanta for the modern generation. Mrs. Row has helped change people’s concept of Indian scriptures. From that obsolete text of bygone ages just to be revered, to that of a living, vibrant instruction for achievement, happiness and individual growth.

Mrs. Jaya Row uses her background of Science and Management to converse about Vedanta successfully with the educated. Her seminars for corporate executives have had a deep impact.She has been rated best lecturer at prestigious conferences. Her seminars help develop an organizational style that is not only successful but uniquely Indian. To help create the most valued of corporate assests – the fulfilled, dynamic human beings – a person of impeccable nature, honesty and development.
Mrs. Row’s discourses on the Bhagavad Gita draw large audiences in India and abroad.


  1. So Well said and so true.Thanks Kavita for uploading such a beautiful and a version so useful in our daily lives. Where can I find a video with all the chapters by Mrs Row.

  2. i find her very articulate too.
    her website is vedantavision but you can find some of her other videos here: